Al-Arqam Academy for Girls is an international school that offers a distinct quality of international education that offers international curricula, in addition to strong curricula in Arabic, Islamic education and Qatar history, originality, individuality, and keeping up with modernism and contemporary trends are all important considerations.

Established in 1996 as a private school adopting the curricula of the then Ministry of Education, as well as teaching English as a foreign language, the Al-Arqam Academy was at that time a special private school characterized by modern teaching methods and practical activities that achieve enjoyable education for students.                                                           

In 2004, in reaction to the change and to stay up to date with the reforms in education, and in conjunction with the growth of education in Qatar, the school shifted to teaching international curricula and adopting the British national curriculum to teach all subjects, as well as maintaining strong curricula in Arabic, Islamic education, Qatar history and life skills. In addition, to values and extracurricular activities serving students from kindergarten to grade 12, to achieve the vision and mission of the Academy, which is based on building an authentic generation that is connected to humanity.

The Academy has been accredited by the Cambridge Foundation as well as the Edexcel Foundation as a certified British Certification Testing Centre as well as an accredited IGCSE-AS Testing Centre. Last year, the Person Global Foundation was accredited to the primary stage as an accreditation for their own international curricula and tests.

The school is a fully recognized Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) and Edexcel Examination Centre. Last year, the Primary school was accredited by Pearson Edexcel examination center .Al Arqam Academy is under the umbrella of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education of State of Qatar and follows ministry standards in Arabic, Sharia and Arabic Humanities curricula, and has not limited itself to reduced standards specifically designed for International schools believing in the importance of teaching these subjects and their key role in building authenticity, maintaining identity and achieving Qatar's vision 2030.

Al Arqam Academy was chosen amongst few other schools to join the Educational Vouchers System adopted by the Ministry. Throughout this program, the school was able to serve more Qatari students.In addition, Al Arqam Academy in 2012 applied for the Qatar National School Accreditation (QNSA) program and was one of the few schools in 2013 to receive accreditation for a term of five years.


In 2012, Qatar's national accreditation was applied, and the Academy was one of the few schools to receive accreditation in 2013-2014 for five years. Al-Arqam Academy currently has 1,622 students from a variety of different nationalities and cultures, but most of them are Qataris, with about 80% as a total.

Al-Arqam Academy has a modern facility designed to meet the demands of contemporary education and to adhere to international school building standards in particular. It is made up of three main buildings: kindergarten, primary, and secondary, all of which are equipped with security and safety equipment and are licensed by the Ministry of Civil Defense. Teachers, managers and senior management at Al-Arqam Academy are committed to providing its students with a safe and healthy environment and to taking care of them in a climate of mutual respect.