Al-Arqam Academy is proud and honored to be granted the National School Accreditation for the State of Qatar twice in a row with a high and distinct degree, and we are all enthusiastic and looking forward to achieving the usual excellence in the third re-accreditation.

 Since Al Arqam Academy was among the first schools to receive the five-year accreditation with distinction in 2013-2014, the team's commitment and enthusiasm have grown as they strive to maintain this distinction and confidently focus on the possible improvements described in the Self-Study and visiting team reports. These two documents served as the foundation for the development, assessment, and evaluation of the five-year strategic plan and yearly action plans by all stakeholders in April of each year. This process entails tracking progress in improving and maintaining our areas of strength, as well as identifying barriers to reaching our objectives and incorporating ideas from all partners to address these issues.


And thanks to Allah SWT, and then to work team efforts and participation from parents, students and the Board of Trustees, most of the areas of improvement have been fulfilled, as evidenced by the second accreditation team report, which commends our ability to overcome and cover a majority of these points. According to the accreditation team's claims, despite the high evaluation rates the second time, the school was accredited successfully for the second time. We were guided to specific areas where we needed to improve, and thanks to Allah SWT, they were addressed as part of a three-year operational plan. These points are on the Academy's operational plan that is evaluated at the end of each year by all parties involved to determine the extent to which the goals have been met.


Thankfully, despite all of the obstacles that the entire world faced as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, which affected all sectors of the country, including education, the majority of areas of improvement have been accomplished. And, first, thanks to Allah SWT, and then thanks to the Academy's professional team's experience and efforts, which has developed experience in managing the educational process and crisis management. Through cooperation, parent awareness and solidarity in overcoming the crisis and in order to meet the objectives of education in line with the nature of the stage, improvement points were covered and even new and advanced techniques and methods which rely heavily on technology were established to ensure the success of the blended and distance education processes, while maintaining the quality of students' educational attainment and their security, safety, and precious health.


Despite all of the challenges posed by the pandemic such as the absence of students in the academy building, the difficulty of direct communication with parents, and the absence of the face-to-face meetings with the employees and teachers, all concerned parties were called to participate in the preparation of the new self-study by April this year and for the third In April this year and for the third.  This restriction has allowed new tools to engage stakeholders, such as Zoom Video Conferences and Microsoft teams, in the performance evaluation process, to ensure that the assessment process reflects the vision of all parties and reflects in a credible way strengths and areas of improvements, instead of limiting itself to the vision of the Academy. This leads us to genuine development, which is based on students, teachers and parents' needs and achieves the right quality of work. That obviously reflects the learning outcomes and levels of our students in academic, behavioral, moral and physical skills education.

QNSA Accreditation Self Study 2021-2022