Academy Achievements

International test results:

 The Academy is keen on continuous participation in the international tests carried out by the International Organization for the Evaluation of Education Achievements (PISA-TIMSS). It is our belief that these tests are important as they reflect the identification of the actual level of students compared to their counterparts all over the world and our confidence in the level of our students.


These tests are conducted on a four-year basis, with the most recent tests for TIMSS (Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study) and PISA (Program for International Student Assessment) conducted in 2022, for which we are awaiting the results. Below details our results from the tests conducted in 2018.


According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, in the PISA tests in 2018, the Academy scored a higher average than the world average in the three subjects: science, mathematics and reading. In the science test, the Academy obtained a score of 513, while the highest rate of the organization was 489, and in the subject of mathematics, the Academy got a score of 497. While the highest average in the organization was 489, and in the reading test, it got 496 degrees, while the highest rate of the organization was 487, and thus the academy took the lead in these tests globally.


As for the TIMSS exams in 2019, the Academy received a letter of thanks from the Ministry of Education and Higher Education for taking the lead and achieving higher rates than the rates achieved by the organization globally, and the Academy was nominated for a conference organized by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education with all the schools of the State of Qatar.


This year, we are proud of our 2022-23 year 11 and 12 cohort, who in the June 2023 exam series achieved awards for their AS and IGCSE test scores from Cambridge International and Pearson International. In year 12, Rahaf Zaitoon received awards for the top exam mark in the whole of Qatar in AS iAL Biology and for the top mark in AS iAL Maths in the world! Dania Osama Zohdi Abu-Ghazzah received an award for the top mark in AS Arabic language in the whole of Qatar. In addition to this Alanoud Mohammed S M Al-Muftah in year 11 who achieved the top mark in Qatar for IGCSE First Language Arabic.