Admission and Registration

 In order to be accepted in the academy the following process is used: 

  • Pass the Admission test (placement test) successfully and achieve the academic level required.
  • Provide a report or certificate to prove the success of the previous school year.
  • Sign an agreement of the regulations and the laws of the Academy
  • Pay registration fee and submit all required forms and documents

Note: Priority is given to those who have sisters in the Academy. All other students are registered on a first come basis.

Withdrawal policy

 In order to withdraw the student from the Academy must follow the following procedures: 

  • Make a request to withdraw and submit it to Student Affairs in advance.
  • Request a receipt disclaimer from the library.
  • Settlement of financial matters from the Accounting Department with a receipt.
  • Provide all these papers and receipts to the Department of Student Affairs to receive the students file.
  • In the case where students wish to re-enter the academy, the decision will be based on an assessment by the administration and the student will be treated as a new student.