Application and admission of new students to the Academy is conducted according to the following policy: 

Waiting List

  1. In February of each year registration process begins by asking all current students to re-register for the new school year.
  2. The number of vacant places for the new school year is determined.
  3. Siblings of existing students are given priority for the waiting list for these places.
  4. Students who were tested but not offered a place from the previous year are given the second priority for a chance to pass the entrance test.
  5. Applications for the general public are then made on a first come first serve basis until the number of required students is full.
  6. Based upon the number of places available for each year group the appropriate number of students are given an appointment for the entrance test.

Entrance Test

  1. Students who are given an appointment for the entrance test must come to school to pay the non-refundable entrance test fee and provide a copy of their birth certificate and a copy of their most recent school report showing the class, year group, date and results.
  2. Students who have paid the fee and provided the required documents will be given an entrance test card that must be presented on the day of the test.
  3. Entrance tests are done for English, Maths and Arabic. For KG students a general evaluation of readiness for school is conducted to evaluate the appropriate early year’s milestones.
  4. Students must past all areas with 70% or better in order to qualify for a place in the school.
  5. Students who arrive late for their test appointment or are absent will lose their place on the list.
  6. Secondary students must also attend an interview with their parents as part of the entrance test process.
  7. Results for entrance tests will be announced within one full week of the exam.


  1. Students who fail only one area on the entrance test with marks between 55% and 69% may request a retest.
  2. Those students who qualify for a retest must request a new test date, pay the retest fee and sign the retest form in the student affairs office


  1. Students who pass the entrance test are given one week to complete the registration forms and submit all required documents and fees.
  2. Students who do not submit the required forms, documents and fees within one week will lose their place. Note that entrance test fees and retest fees are non-refundable.
  3. All students offered a place in the school must submit the following to open a file in the school and to register:
  • Completed registration form with all information filled in.
  • Report cards from previous schools certified by Ministry of Education

  • Medical File including vaccination documents

  • Copy of passport for the student

  • Copy of I.D for student, mother and father.

  • Copy of student's birth certificate

  • Four recent photos

  • Non-refundable registration fee (for exact fee please see our SEC approved fee schedule)

  • Read and sign the student handbook and policies


MOE approved fees 2023-2024

MOE approved fees 2024-2025