November 2022

Outstanding Performance in International Examinations

Al-Arqam academy is pleased to inform you that some students from our school have been identified as the best performing students in Qatar in the June 2022 examination sessions and they will receive “Top in Qatar awards”. Those students will be awarded the Cambridge ‘Top in Country’ award and Pearson highest achiever awards. Top in Country’ refers to the students who has gained the highest standard mark in the country for a single subject.

 The awards reflect the talent and hard work of students and acknowledge the dedication and commitment of both teachers and parents. Our sincere congratulations to all students, their families, teachers and the school community. ‘



Please see the below list of winners and awards for students from our school:


The outstanding Cambridge “Top in Qatar Award” Award:





Student name

Top in Qatar

Cambridge IGCSE

English as a Second Language (Speaking Endorsement)

Aisha Khalid Y H Al-Saei

Top in Qatar

Cambridge IGCSE

First Language Arabic

Dania Osama Zohdi Abu-Ghazzah

Top in Qatar

Cambridge International AS Level

Arabic Language

Roudha Mohamed H A Al-Ansari






The Outstanding Pearson Achievers Award having received the highest marks in Qatar in their respective subjects:


Rahaf Zaitoon

Al Arqam Academy, Qatar

Highest Mark in Qatar

GCSE Statistics  

Maryam Khalid A A Al Hammadi

Al Arqam Academy, Qatar

Highest Mark in Qatar

International Advanced Level Arabic