December 2015

Every year Qatar National Day is celebrated by all those who live in Qatar, reviving the memories of the founder of Qatar, Sheikh Jassim bin Mohammed Al-Thani, and the day that established the state of Qatar in 18 December 1878. It is also considered as a National holiday under the order of the Amir.

In anticipation for Qatar National Day, Al-Arqam Academy has collective efforts in bringing in more festivity and joy into this year celebrations.

The Life skills department plays a great role in arranging a grand and convivial atmosphere, making sure that nobody is left out. They have sent invitations to the parents/guardians of students, inviting them to enjoy the array of traditional stalls and the time-honored activities, traditional food as well as many other things that will be situated in Qatari tents. There will be a series of presentations going on in the auditorium, all displays of Qatar’s heritages from the past, as well as its overwhelming development throughout the years. There will be many short films/videos and enchanting poems and songs about Qatar on TV screens all over the school as well. A message has been sent to the mothers and grandmothers of all students encouraging them to come and relay historic stories and memories of the past of Qatar.

Throughout the day, there will be a Traditional Fashion show for those amongst the students who are talented in livening the Qatari tradition through dressing up (traditionally). One of the big events of the day is when all the students and staff will come together to sing the Qatar National Anthem, each holding a flag of their own (provided by the Academy).

Our goal is to bring on the vision of Qatar for year 2030, part of which is to determine and maintain our traditions. This vision also applies to that of our academy in which we want to instill a love for the country in the hearts of our students so that in the future they become caring and responsible towards a better Qatar.

Qatar National day is a chance to get to know about Qatar’s rich history and histories of those who have faced all sorts of obstacles in their mission towards a better Qatar.

This celebration is a chance to learn about the rich heritage and culture of Qatar. It is also a chance for you to open your eyes and relish the beauty of Qatar from the depth of your heart.