June 2020

 Procedures and arrangements for returning textbooks and stories before the end of term 3.

-Staff will be stationed in a classroom near gate 3 to receive the books. Please observe social distancing and be sure that your EHTERAZ application is activated while delivering the books.

- A list of the books with your daughter will be sent via Class Dojo to each student.

- Please, sanitize the books and put them in a plastic bag with the student’s name, class, and the list of the books.

- Books will be checked, in case any book that is damaged, or not on the student’s name in the system, the parent will have to pay the fine according to the academic policy; QR100 for the story and QR200 for the textbook.

If the student’s books are in her locker, please send the key with the student’s name, class, and the number so we can open it and collect the books.

Thanks for your cooperation and may God keep us all safe.