December 2019

It is the mission of our school to provide our children with the highest quality of teaching and learning, to enable them to become aware of and prepared for the world in which they live and to understand their role within it. We teach the British National Curriculum across the school and assessing the children and knowing how well they are progressing is a crucial aspect of our work at Al Arqam Academy for Girls. In line with the British National Curriculum, there will be a slight change in our Report layout starting this term. In the British National Curriculum, there is a set standard of expectations. These are defined by threshold descriptors indicating what a pupil should be able to do by the end of each key stage. These are called AREs or Age Related Expectations. AREs identify what is expected of a pupil by a specified age or year group. All your child’s work will be assessed in line with the clearly defined framework outlined by the British National Curriculum. This is includes both formative and summative assessments. Your child’s report will reflect your child’s ARE and not a percentage.