Essential Steps to Achieving Al Arqam Vision and Mission


Al Arqam Academy has a unique vision that centers on originality and identity. as well as committing to values, academic excellence and communicating with the outside community. When creating the school’s vision, we were determined to achieve it as we believe we will be held responsible in front of Allah. We believe that our vision enables us to focus on Islamic and national identity and on the Arabic language in all programs, activities, and lesson plans. This builds a strong sense of belonging to one’s home country, Islamic faith, and originality within our students and helps them face the challenges and suspicions surrounding them. Our students are taught to have strong foundations, principles, and a clear understanding of their roles in relation to their Ummah, country, community, and family. Moreover, they are trained to utilize the scientific and technological development and to achieve the highest academic rankings worldwide without affecting their identity, beliefs, or personalities, rather to be a light that brightens the way for those around them.

Al Arqam students have consistently achieved the highest rankings worldwide. Two of Al Arqam students have ranked first in the Arabic Language in IGCSE and AS, and two others have achieved the top ranks in Information Technology and English as a First Language worldwide. Additionally, one student has ranked first in Scientific Research in Canada, representing the State of Qatar, and making its people proud.

Nationwide, three of our students have been awarded in the Education Excellence Day by His Highness, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, and have obtained platinum and gold medals for their academic excellence. Excellent students are certainly increasing year by year, reflecting our students’ academic distinction despite the challenging circumstances.

            Focusing on National and Islamic identities is manifested through the increase of Islamic Studies and Arabic Language, the language of the Holy Quran lessons, as well as concentrating on the History of Qatar and the History of Islam. This is to enable our students to possess the desired knowledge relevant to their history and Islamic civilization, and to build their pride, independency, and sense of belonging to their home country. This also helps them in adhering to their original customs and traditions, and to their firm beliefs which prevents them from being swayed away by the abnormal trends and ideas which dangerously conflict our Islamic ideologies.


We pray to Allah to protect our youth and future generations from invasive ideas challenging our identity, faith, and love for our home country.



Despite all the challenges …. the Covid-19 crisis has positive sides.


It has been 30 months of suffering since covid-19 has started to covid-19, affecting many elderlies, people with chronic diseases and youth, and is even endangering children. We pray to Allah to protect our children and youth and to wipe the virus out of existence. Despite all what we have gone through due to the virus, our faith in Allah gives us hope and ascertains us that whatever comes from Allah has its teachings and lessons for us. As prophet Mohammad (pbuh) has said, "How wonderful is the case of a believer; there is good for him in everything, and this applies only to a believer. If prosperity attends him, he expresses gratitude to Allah and that is good for him; and if adversity befalls him, he endures it patiently and that is better for him". We must be patient and pray to Allah with sincerity as He instructed us when He said, “Why then, did they not supplicate in humility when a calamity from Us came upon them?”. (AYA 43, Al An’aam)


Despite all the challenges, we believe this crisis has some positive sides which are clearly reflected on our students. These include bearing responsibility, and we can see that most students now rely on themselves when attending classes, logging onto Teams, following up with lessons and contacting the teachers. This has given them lots of skills, such as seriousness, sense of responsibility to strive for knowledge despite the difficult circumstances. Technology-wise, many teachers have gained new skills which enable them to be creative in their distance teaching. Moreover, teaching methods have evolved and learning sites and virtual platforms have become so diverse, enriching learning to a large extent.


Under the current circumstances, we have prioritized the safety and well-being of students by increasing the efforts to keep them safe and healthy.


Efforts are continuously being made to benefit from all the positive sides of this crisis, and to see it with a satisfactory light in order to turn the ordeal into grant. We are able to do this thanks to Allah and then to all the administration and academic staff, who are always caring for the students and their benefits and are eager to achieve the desired goals despite all the challenges.


We are sincerely grateful for all the parents and guardians for their cooperation and support for the Academy in managing the crisis successfully.


May Allah accept our good deeds.