In the name of Allah, the most Beneficent, the most Merciful,

Based on the vision and mission of Al Arqam Academy in the preparation of a distinct generation of students who have strong values and moral commitment as well as an excellent academics and global connectivity, Al Arqam Academy adopts a unique educational philosophy that focuses on building the student’s character from three key aspects:

1- Building skills and capacity development.
2- Enrich the development of thought and knowledge.
3- Instill the true faith and religious values.

This system works on building an educated, conscious and balanced character that is able to face today’s challenges. Research and analysis, critical thinking, innovation and decision-making as well as the student’s own experiences and information make her open to the world around her. This is in the frame of her correct Islamic doctrine and educational values that push her to keep her own authenticity and identity as well as making a positive contribution to her country and religion.

Al Arqam Academy contributes to achieving the vision of Qatar 2030 by graduating an intellectual and savvy generation that is characterized by the love of education and learning and has the needed enthusiasm and motivation to build their country.

By Allah’s guidance and then by hard work, continuous effort, sincere team work, parents’ effective participation and the one family culture that is a characteristic of Al Arqam Academy’s work environment, successes can be achieved. We welcome your participation and opinions and we invite you to continue to communicate with us.