Our school uniform, which distinguishes us from other schools, should always be worn with pride. No other items of clothing may be worn with our uniform. Only the school uniform as prescribed is acceptable.  Discretion as to whether a learner is neatly attired or not, rests entirely with the Principal and Head of Department.

KG School uniform

  • The full school uniform is to be worn to school daily by all students
  • Shoes must be plain black with a flat heel. Socks must be plain white. 
  • Sweaters and jumpers must be in accordance with the colors of the school uniform and not have sayings, decorations or pictures on them.
  • The full school uniform is compulsory at all official school functions unless otherwise announced by the Head of School.
  • KG students expected to arrive to school in a decent tidy appearance
    • Hair must be neat and tied back. 
    • Nails must be clean and short.
    • No nail polish is allowed. 
    • No jewellery is allowed.
  • Students are expected to adhere to the following Color Guidelines Shoes (Black), winter cardigan   (Navy-blue).
  • Students to adhere by the school uniform that have the monogram of the school logo.

Physical Education Uniform (PE)

  • The PE uniform consists of black PE pants, a white T-shirt, white sport shoes and white socks.