The daily routine provides the framework for what teachers will do each day to help children develop and learn. Planning and organizing the day in a thoughtful, balanced way help teachers achieve their goals for children. Young children feel secure when they know what happens next. They also gain a sense of time and sequence as they move from event to event. A predictable daily routine helps develop independence, responsibility, and a sense of order. 

When the school doors open in the morning before 7:00 am our girls are welcomed by their teachers and start the day with the morning assembly. Students happily practice morning exercises and saluting the flag of Qatar with the National anthem. Students escorted to their classes by their teachers to start a new learning journey. 

7:30 isCircle time, the morning meeting between the teacher and all classroom members to set the plan for the day. Reciting Quran and reading a story is a core activity for both English and Arabic sessions. When the meeting is over children work on their tasks in the different learning centers in addition to hands on activities for the morning block. When it is9:00 am everybody gets hungry which means it is breakfast time. We can either have a picnic taking our lunchboxes out doors, in the hall or in class. After a fun playful break time (9:30 am) communication language in class switches to Arabic or English according to each classroom time table.Every one enjoys the 11:30 – 11:45 free play break especially when the weather allows us to have fun in our outdoor areas. When it is almost noon the children get a good chance to choose an activity between colouring, drawing, building, explore the computer or read.

When the clock strikes 12:30 pm everybody knows it is home time. Children fair well their teachers looking forward to meet them the next morning.