To ensure a continuity across the primary school regarding homework diary and notebook presentations it was agreed between the Head of Primary, Head of Academics and the key stage one and two coordinators that the following be adopted into a policy governing the afore mentioned areas:

Homework Diary

All homework diaries should contain the class timetable, termly objectives and the weekly objectives. Objectives will be distributed to parents on Thursday for the next week. Daily homework will be assigned. Parents are required to sign the homework diary each Thursday. Once it is returned to school on Sunday, the teacher will counter sign the parent signature. If parents have not signed, a reminder will be sent. 

Notebooks, Files and Weekly Homework Allocation

English notebooks will include a minimum of four written assignments per week. This may include spelling or grammar activities. 

English homework will be given daily. The ongoing objectives will include both reading and spelling practice (verbal or written).A minimum of two written homework tasks will be assigned each week in addition to one grammar practice activity and one comprehension.

Mathematics notebooks will include a minimum of 2 pieces of written class work per week. Additionally, NHM workbook/textbook pages may be assigned for homework. 

Mathematics homework will be assigned a minimum of 3 times per week and will consist of at least two workbook/textbook/worksheet assignments and may include one assigned activity from the interactive program ‘my-imaths’. 
In addition to the above, an ongoing objective will be assigned daily, (ex:  count on/back from 1-50, practice number bonds to 10, revise times tables up to 12x12, etc.). This will usually be a verbal task and used to reinforce basic skills or strategies.

Science notebooks will include a minimum of one written entry each week. Additionally, there may be worksheets or other relevant tasks assigned to students. Science sheets may be glued into the science notebook (lower primary) or may be put in a file. The class teacher will clarify which method is to be used.  Science homework will be assigned a minimum of once per week. It may consist of a variety of activities including written work in the notebook, discussion or a worksheet.

Arabic Homework: Click Here

Reading Records

All leveled readers that are checked out of the library by students must be entered into the reading record by the student. Each entry should contain the date, title of book and the author’s name. After children have read at home, the parents should write a comment describing their child’s experience (ex. too easy, too difficult, enjoyed it, did not like it, etc). This lets the teacher see that parents are following reading progress at home and provides invaluable information on reading behaviors that may not be easily observable at school.

Notebooks will go home alternately on Thursday (this week maybe English and maths; next week humanities and science, etc.) to be shown to parents. All students will be assigned the same talk for learning activity each Thursday (Talk about the work you have completed this week). This will be used to help students express themselves verbally as well as reinforce what they have learned. It will, also, help parents to understand what their child has been learning at school.

How parents can help their children

  • By taking an interest in what they are doing in school, for example asking them about their learning and about what happened in school that day
  • By supporting them in doing their homework, for example by providing a place and timefor them to do it, and resources such as books as well as access to a computer with internet connection
  • By attending all Parent-Teacher meetings at school
  • By making sure they eat a good diet (in particular that they eat a healthy breakfast before coming to school) and get a good night’s sleep
  • By encouraging 100% attendance
  • By attending school and class assemblies and activities.