Student Guidance Department

Direction and guidance in the field of education is known as a systematic process designed to help the student to understand her character, know her capabilities and solve her problems within the frame of Islamic teachings. The Student Guidance Department was founded in 2009, at the hands of a group that worked on its fundamentals since the emergence of the academy.

Department Vision

Achieve the psychological, social, educational and vocational compatibility within the framework of Islamic teachings.

Department Message

Organization and planning of goals towards assisting the student to know their capabilities and develop their potential, and resolve problems to reach humanitarian compatibility.

Department Objectives

  1. Direct and guide the student in accordance with the law in all psychological, moral, social, educational and professional aspects to become a useful member of society
  2. Discuss the problems faced by the student during the study and work to find appropriate solutions
  3. Work on improving the association and cooperation between home and school
  4. Familiarizing the student with the school atmosphere and enlightening her with the school systems, laws and help her take advantage of the available programs and guide her to the best ways of studying
  5. Help the student to select type of study and the profession that suits her talents and capabilities and needs of the community
  6. Discover the students with the special talents and skills and guide her to promote these skills.
  7. Spread parental awareness by the many means of communication
  8. Discover different humanitarian states and help them to reach humanitarian agreement

Areas of the Department at school

  1. Religious and moral guidance
  2. Educational guidance
  3. Psychological guidance
  4. Social counseling
  5. Preventive Counseling
  6. Career Counseling