At Al Arqam Academy, we try to ensure effective assessment by letting students know what they are learning. This may be:

  • Specific knowledge
  • A new skill
  • Understanding a difficult concept

Teachers also let students know:

  • What we expect them to learn by the end of each lesson
  • How well they are doing in the lesson
  • What they need to do next to make more progress

Comments in books should be about ‘ways to improve’. Additionally, we monitor children’s progress regularly, throughout the year, to ensure that they remain on track.


A wide variety of assessment procedures are used. This includes class work, homework, projects, tests and examinations. Parents are kept informed of their child’s progress via comments in exercise books, through the diary, reports and parent teacher conferences. 

There are 2 types of Assessments

  1. Formative Assessment
  2. Informal Assessment

(Both assessments are given to the students after enough practice and explanation)

All Subjects Weight in Final Average
Homework 10%
Attendance 5%
Class work 5%
Unit Assessments 30%
Summative Assessments  (end of term assessment) 50%
Total 100%
  • In Year 9, students sit the International Checkpoint Exams in Maths, English and Science in order to assess their level and help guiding them whilst choosing IGCSE courses.
  • At end of Yr 11, students sit IGCSE exams.
  • At end of Yr 12, students sit AS exams.

Grade boundaries for Key stage 3 (years 7-9)

 Grades are awarded as shown below.

95 - 100  A*

94.9 - 90  


89.9 - 85


 84.9 - 80


79.9 - 75


74.9 - 70


69.9 - 65


64.9 - 60


59.9 - 55


54.9 - 50

49.9 - 0  F
Level  Grade
Very Good Above 80%
Good Between 60-80%
Satisfactory Between 50 – 59%
Not Achieved  Below 50%

Year 10-12

Grades are awarded based on the CIE and Edexcel exam board grade boundaries for different subjects. Students and parents can check with subject teachers what these are or they can check on the CIE or Edexcel website for current grade boundaries for IGCSE and AS subjects. Boundaries for other subjects are similar to those of KS3.


Students get an end of term report at the end of each term they attend.  Midterm progress report is issued at mid of Term1.  Progress reports are an important way to let students and their families know how students are performing academically and socially in between report cards. Progress reports are also narrative, and include detailed information about student performance, homework, attitude, behavior, and attendance. Students and families should feel free to contact classroom teachers and heads for updates on student progress. The report will also indicate anything specific you, or your child, can do at home to accelerate progress. Full written reports are sent out at the end of Term 3, reporting on the year’s progress. Parents have an opportunity to discuss this with the subject teacher if they wish to do so. midterm progress report will be distributed to students reflecting their academic standard during the first term.