Punctuality and Attendance

Learners may be absent from school for illness or emergency reasons only. Parents or Guardians must explain absenteeism, in writing in emergency cases on the day of the students return; otherwise they need a pre-approval from the Head of the school for the planned absences.  Learners must enquire from their teachers the missing work while being absent and are then responsible for catching up that work.

  1. School attendance is compulsory. Students must fulfill at least 90% attendance of the academic year.
  2. Students who are absent for more than 18 days in the school year without accepted excuse will be referred to the ministry of education.
  3. School attendance for Yr. 11 & Yr.12 students continues till the beginning of the international exams.
  4. Student must ask her teachers about the missing homework and class works and the student is also responsible about what’s missing and she has to catch them up.
  5. Learners will attend school from the first until the last school day of each term.
  6. Medical/Sick leave from a doctor has to be submitted the day the student joins back and maximum within a week. Otherwise, it will be considered as an unauthorized absence.
  7. On the first day of the child’s return after a period of absence from school, a signed letter stating the reason for having being absent is required from the parent or guardian.
  8. More than 4 days of absence in a term will lead to sending a written notification to parents to be signed or informing them through the school portal. Parents are expected to encourage their daughters not to be absent.
  9. In case a student’s absence reaches 12 days, parents will be called in to sign a pledge or sending it to them through the school portal.
  10. If Student’s absence exceeded 12 days:
  • Student's file to be transferred to the social worker who opens a file for her, recording all warnings and pledges which is signed by student’s parent/guardian or they have been informed about them through the school portal.

B - The social worker will call student’s parent/guardian to school to sign a second pledge as a proof that school has informed him/her about student’s absent days number and the possibility that she couldn’t attend end-of-year exams. Also to inform him/her that this would affect her continuity in the Academy for the following year if her absence reached 18 days.

C-If the parent didn’t attend the school to sign, then the written pledges that were sent to him manually / or electronically through the school portal, will be counted as an official parent notification and the school has the right to go on the official procedures.





In case a student’s absence reaches 18 days without any excuse (in Primary):

• The student's file is transferred to the private schools office in the Ministry of Education and Higher Education with an official cover letter from the social worker with the student’s case and academy’s decision not to allow her to enter end-of-year exams and not to re-register her in the academy for the following year. The decision is taken by ministry officials upon the request of Academy’s administration.

   - Students Affairs Department informs Accounts Department about Ministry of Education decision that student will not continue at school and to block student’s continuity for the following year.


  1. The official school day starts at 7:00 AM and finishes at 1:50 pm for Years 7 to 12 except on Monday, school day finishes at 12:15pm.
  2.  The school gates will open at 6:15 AM Students have to be at school before 7:00 AM every day. The school duty starts at 6.30 a.m. so no student will be supervised before that time and no student is allowed to enter the school after 7:10 AM unless the parents have informed the lateness of the student prior to her arrival to the school. (please check lateness policy mentioned later in this Handbook)
  3. Secondary students who are late for class 3 times will get a break detention. (Please refer to the behavior policy at the end of this handbook for details)
  4. School finishes at 1:50 p.m. No students are allowed to stay in the school after 2:30 p.m. as there will be no supervision for the students after 2:20 PM
  5. For the safety and security of our students, the Academy will issue (2 cards) School ID cards. Students will be asked to bring their cards daily. If any student lost her card, she will not be allowed to enter the Academy the following day unless she receives a new card and pay for it.
  6. Only the cardholder will be allowed to take the student.
  7. Student is not allowed to leave with a taxi ( Uber, Careem, Karwa) except if the driver has shown the student’s ID that is issued by the school.

(In case of losing the card , the student pays 15 riyals for another one).

  1. As far as possible, all doctor, dental or other specialist appointments to be arranged and booked after school hours or during holidays.







The policy of calculating absence days during the blended and distance education in secondary:

In order to maintain the academic level of the students, and follow up their attendance in all the lessons inside the classes at the academy or remotely, please note the following absence policy for the two education systems (Blended & On-Line):

1-         The student must login into Microsoft Teams at seven o'clock, 15 minutes earlier to her first lesson on Teams for the day, to ensure that there are no technical problems.

2-         Attendance registration will be taken at 7:15 AM, the student will be counted as present for the day if she is attending in the first lesson, and as absent if she is absent for the first lesson.

3-      Students who have registered for the blended education system must be present at 7 AM in school on the days designated for her to come to school. On those days, if she is absent from onsite attendance in school, the absence will still be counted even if she attended the lesson online from home, except in the case of an absence with a medical excuse.

4-     Every subject teacher will take attendance for each lesson for both online/blended students. This attendance will affect the grades for the term.

5-     On Tuesdays, students will receive a link to register their attendance. They must register themselves on the link before 11 AM to be counted as present. Students can view all their lessons throughout the day on Tuesday.


In case the student is absent on any day, the following policy will be applied:

Notification via k12 : 5 days absence

1st warning via k12: 10 days absence

2nd warning via k12: 15 days absence

3rd warning via k12 :: 20 days absence

In case the number of absence exceeds 15 days, the matter will be transferred to the social worker, who makes contact with the parents to write a pledge not to have more absence. If the student’s absence continues, and the number of absent days reaches 20 days, the academy will take formal measures, which will lead to depriving the student of taking the final exam. Her file will be referred to the Ministry of Education and Higher Education for a final decision on the matter, and parents must renew the registration of the student in the academy.

This attachment is for the distance learning period only.