1. The official school uniform must be purchased from the school and not changed or altered in any decorative manner other than alterations for fit. 
  2. The full school uniform is to be worn to school daily by all students.
  3. Students in year groups from Yr 7 to Yr 12 must come and go from school in an Abaya and Hijab. Additionally, they must wear an Abaya and Hijab on all school trips and during school events.
  4. Shoes must be plain black, white or navy blue with a flat heel. Open-toe footwear is not allowed.
  5. Sweaters and jumpers must be in accordance with the colours of the school uniform and not have sayings, decorations or pictures on them. They must be plain navy blue, white , grey or black.
  6. The full school uniform is compulsory at all official school functions unless otherwise announced by the Head of School.
  7. Hair must be neat and tied back. No make-up or nail polish is allowed. Students may wear a practical watch and pair of simple ear-rings. No other jewellery is allowed. Nails have to be clean and short.
  8. With regards to hair dye, students should not sport extreme hair colours (e.g. red, purple, blue).
  9. Biercing on any part of the head, except the ears, is not allowed.                                                                                     Physical Education Uniform (PE) The PE uniform consists of black PE trousers and a T-shirt with the school logo, white or black sport shoes and white socks. Only the T-shirt needs to be purchased from the Secondary School.