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- The building includes classrooms outfitted with age-appropriate equipment and two outdoor playground areas equipped and shaded to protect students from the sun, as well as the floor of the two playground areas completely covered with a rubber layer dedicated to this type of outdoor arenas to ensure student security and safety. Aside from corridors outfitted with a specialized cycling track surrounded by gardens, which provide students with psychological comfort and delight, allowing them to learn in a full atmosphere of fun and enjoyment appropriate to their age level.

- Inside the kindergarten building, students are welcomed in the school hall, which accommodates as a space for all the students of the stage and covered as well, and all the classrooms of the building and the rooms are complete with are covered in special flooring dedicated to maintaining the security and safety of the students. After welcoming and receiving session, students head to their classes (10 classes overall).

The classrooms are spacious, air-conditioned, equipped and furnished with furniture students’ age appropriate. In addition to providing a class bathroom in most classes as well as a sink outside the bathroom to provide all means available for the comfort of the student, each class contains an IWB connected to the Internet to enrich the educational process and is equipped with strong internet networks to meet the needs of the modern educational process and has been strengthened to meet the needs of distance learning, which was met by the requirements of the Pandemic for two years.

-In addition to modern educational sources and means, the classes were divided into two floors, but in response to civil defense and based on the renewal of their policy of security and safety of students, the building was replanned, and all classes were moved downstairs to ensure the security and safety of students and commitment to the policy of students. Civil Defense in Qatar's kindergartens has replanned the building and moved all rows to the ground floor and administrative offices to the top floor. In addition, there’s a library and room for the social worker, and the room of the health clinic furnished and equipped with the full equipment and facilities that provide the best medical care for students. As well the building contains administrative rooms and a room dedicated to the building for isolation in case of a suspected case of coronavirus infection.                     

-The building is divided into two floors: the ground floor is dedicated to classes for students and the first floor is dedicated to administrative offices and clinic.