School field trips

The school organises school trips, for the different classes, on a regular basis both for educational purposes and as a means for awarding students for different types of achievement.  The following rules need to be applied:

  • A student must bring both the trip fee and a written approval from parents before the trip day.
  • Students must wear the school uniform on field trips and must wear thier Abaya and Hijab and behave in compliance with school values.
  • Students must come to school on time, as a normal school day.
  • Students must pay the cost of the trip asked for by the school.
  • Students must adhere to the schedule of the field trip.
  • Students should uphold the image of the school while on the field trip.
  • Students are not allowed to carry  mobiles and cameras on the trip.
  • Students should not be picked up by the parents from the trip venue.
  • If a student doesn’t bring the letter back to school before the organised trip the student will not be allowed on the trip.
  • If the student does not wear proper school uniform the student will not be allowed on the trip.
  • If the student comes late for school she will not be allowed on the trip.
  • If students misbehave on a field trip they will not be allowed on the next school trip that is organised.