Assessments and Monitoring

At Al Arqam Academy, we use effective assessment methods to monitor our students' progress in what they are learning, whether it's a new skill, concept, or fact. Our teachers communicate the lesson objectives to the children, and they also provide feedback on how well the students are doing and what they need to do next to improve their performance.

We use a variety of assessment methods, including classwork, homework, projects, tests, and examinations, to evaluate our students' progress. Parents are kept informed of their child's progress through comments in exercise books, reports, parent-teacher conferences, and through Teams.

Our assessment procedures follow these steps:

- Diagnostic Assessments: We conduct diagnostic assessments at the beginning of every year to evaluate personal, social, and physical development for KG1 and KG2 students. We also assess English, Maths, and Arabic for KG2 students.

- Ongoing Assessments: Our ongoing assessments include teacher observations and agreed-upon criteria (rubrics) for the entire year group in all areas of learning.

- Mid-term Assessments: We conduct mid-term assessments in English, Maths, and Arabic.

- End of term Assessments: We perform iPrimary standardized assessments in English, Maths, and Arabic.

We distribute report cards at the end of each term to reflect the child's progress in all areas of learning. We use a rubric system developed for each objective to assess the child's performance. The rubric system includes four levels: Emerging Level (1), Working towards the Level (2), At the Level (3), and Exceeding the Level (4).

We hold parent meetings after the distribution of report cards to discuss the report and how parents can help their child. If parents require a longer meeting, they can arrange a separate time to meet with the teachers.